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New Year is coming! Father Frost's farm at the North Pole. Prepare Candies and Cookies! Develop a snow-covered farm into a Christmas city and a magical village. Expand Santa's workshop from a farm to a magical town.
Feel like a real detective in the new game!
Merge Detective is a detective game where you have to solve mysteries and investigate real crimes and murders. You will play as the girl Nancy and explore a small town full of mysteries.
Halloween is near! The witch's mansion and farm need your help! Magic plants, monsters, fancy sweets, holiday costumes, as well as a mansion renovation and a fun fair - everything is waiting for you on the farm this Halloween!
A trip to the country is the best opportunity to spend time with your family. Feel the quiet charm of rural life, equip your garden and vegetable garden for free. A farm full of fun overlooking the river is waiting for you!
Welcome to Spelton Manor! You have to unravel the mysterious mystery of the disappearance of the witch, as well as save the old family mansion from decay!
Help Chloe solve the family secret and decorate the mansion for Halloween!
Merge & Design is an exciting game where the history of Christmas, puzzles from Santa and the ability to decorate, build and decorate rooms are intertwined! A cozy house, a festive tree, a mysterious character, an interesting story and beautiful decor.
Welcome to the world of dragons and vikings! Farm on a far northern island. Vikings, dragons, ships and some magic! Build your own Viking farm in the northern lands, earn coins, harvest crops and even raise a little dragon with a small but brave Viking girl.
Build the city of your dreams: build a city, pave roads and sidewalks, plant flowers, buy whole flower beds. Build a city from a village - a town, build houses, decorations, decorate the streets. Grow wheat and corn, cows and chickens on a village farm near the city and village.
About is a mobile game developer, founded in 2012. Maker of amazing games with more than 100 000 000 downloads worldwide. We are passionate about games and consist of creative fully remote teams all across the globe - without borders and offices, self-organized colleagues, and friends.

Performance marketing, user acquisition, ASO technology, the best tools available on market, and powerful systems of our own development.

Our path is AI-driven, data-driven approach with extensively powerful in-house analytics, creativity, and excellence in everything we do to achieve our fundamental goal - to provide enjoyable experiences and make people’s life more colorful and exciting!
We are a completely remote international team,
so we do not have offices, however you can use
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